The Kids Who Made a Future

The Kids Who Made a Future
Illustration by Tinnei Pang

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved nature. But she could see that our world was in danger. That little girl was Phoebe. Her best friend Arianne also wanted to help the environment. One day they were sitting on the sofa thinking of ideas for what to plant in the garden, when Arianne had the best idea ever! “Phoebe, this is nothing to do with planting but what if we made a time machine to see how good or bad the pollution is?” Arianne asked. “Okay, but it would have to be solar powered!” Phoebe replied. So that’s exactly what they did. People said they couldn’t, but did that stop them? No! Their friend Jake said to follow their dreams no matter what. They went to see some professional engineers to help them with their design. The people who helped them said that they wouldn’t have to pay if, when it was finished, they could go in it too!

After many years it was finally complete. And it made no pollution AT ALL! “Well, now we’ve built it, let’s try it!” whooped Phoebe “yeah!” Arianne cheered. So, this is the moment everyone has been waiting for. They stepped in…

Arianne pressed the button then it began to shake Jake shouted, “maybe it wasn’t such a great idea!” but they couldn’t hear a word he said because they had already disappeared. As Phoebe and Arianne were in the mysterious machine it whirled around and then began to slow down. The door opened and lots of curious faces stared at them. “Who are you?” lots of people asked. “Well…” began Phoebe. But before she could even finish her sentence a girl interrupted her. “Hi, my name is Ava, and this world is very polluted, is that a time machine? if it is, go to the future and make things better gasp…!” she said quickly. “Well, first I think we should have a look around,” said Phoebe. So, Ava led Arianne and Phoebe down all the streets and alleys. There were factories with smoke pluming out and people coughing and spluttering. Phoebe and Arianne couldn’t bear the sight, but there was more. There were no plants or wildlife and there was plastic everywhere! It wasn’t good. Ava said she didn’t have a family. So, she just lived on the streets.

After they had a long chat Phoebe whispered to Arianne, “Should we take Ava back into the present?” “Hmm…yes I think so” Arianne replied so they told Ava and led her into the time machine, and they whizzed into the present. When they got back Phoebe and Arianne introduced Ava to Jake. Then, Ava told everyone about the future. So, Jake thought they should fix it by saving our planet. The council set them on a big boat to sail around the world but the only people who believed them were the people in Phoebe and Arianne’s town. This was a big problem. Jake, Ava, Arianne and Phoebe made signs about everything; they sneaked on TV, got arrested and they did everything they could but only a few people believed them. Ava said they should make a huge club where they plant a tree next to every polluted place. After about a year people started to listen. In a matter of months, the world was a lot better. Arianne, Phoebe, Jake and Ava were all over the news! Phoebe said, “Should we go forward in time again?” “Ok!” the friends said together.

So, now this time Jake went in the time machine as well. Then the machine started buzzing and shaking until they heard a loud pop. The time machine opened to reveal the most amazing non-polluted world ever! Now, all that hard work has paid off. This time Ava stayed home in the future while Phoebe, Arianne and Jake went home to the present. “Jake, we couldn’t have done this without you! Three cheers for Jake hip - hip hooray!” They all cheered.

When Phoebe, Arianne and Jake turned 30 they were living in what they had created. We can’t live in a horrible, polluted environment so, if you think you’re like those kids you could change the world too.

The end!