Age 10

Hi, I am a germ. You might have heard of me. My name is Covid-19, I was born in 2020. Lots of people hate me because I killed them while they were infected. But I think I am pretty cool because lots of people want to destroy me. But they can’t! Hahaha (evil laugh). Now scientists are trying to realize who I am and they want to invent vaccines to get rid of me. They were successful. The vaccines protect people from me. I think human beings are curious and want to know where I come from. Do you know where I come? Here is my story….

Once upon a time, there were two tigers. One called Covid and one called 19. They were twins. One day, they went out to find some rabbits to eat. When they returned home, they saw that the inside of their cave was very messy. They looked up to find a message on the wall written in blood. It read– Hunters chased us into our home and killed us.

Covid and 19 recognized that the bloody writing was in their mom’s handwriting. Now their parents were both dead. The hunters had taken them away. The twins were exasperated! So,they went to a mountain called “Sword Mountain" to find a wizard named Bum-Bum.

While they were looking for the wizard, they met two little birds. The little birds looked very delicious but they didn’t eat them. The little birds asked the tigers why they were in this mountain. Covid and 19 answered, “Because we are looking for the wizard to turn us into germs.”

“Why do you want to be germs?” asked the little birds, curiously.

“Because humans killed our parents and now we want to get revenge and kill humans,” they answered.

“The wizard lives at the very top of the mountain. Follow us!” chirped the little birds.

Covid and 19 followed the birds into the mountain to find the wizard. Once they arrived at the top, they saw that the wizard’s face looked like a big bum-bum. That’s why his name was Wizard Bum-Bum.! He had white, messy hair and green underpants on his head. He wore a red robe and black shoes. When he saw Covid and 19, he already knew why they had come.

“Why should I help you?” asked the wizard.

“So we can stop humans from killing others, like our parents…..and your parents,” said Covid.

“My parents?” asked the wizard.

“We read the book about your parents too and we know that humans also killed your parents.”

The wizard walked around and thought for a few minutes.

“Okay,” he said. “I will turn you both into germs so humans can stop hurting others. The wizard gave Covid and 19 an apple.

“These apples are magic apples. If you eat these apples, you will turn into germs and hurt the people who hurt you! Take revenge!”

Covid and 19 ate the whole apple and turned into tiny germs.

They said, ‘Thank you, Wizard Bum-Bum,” and they flew away on their mission to seek revenge.

Covid and 19 became one. Covid 19 searched everywhere for the hunters but they couldn’t recognize who the hunters were so they killed as many humans as they could. They didn’t care about who was bad or who was good. Today, they have killed over a million people in the world. The world will always remember Covid-19 and their revenge on the world.