Dream of Turtle’s Future

Age 11

My name is Kimi. I have a friend named Taffy. We live together in a cozy house. We both like turtles, so we have a pet turtle named Noemi in our house.

One day, when I was eating dinner with Taffy, the TV turned on, and we both saw the news 

“The turtles in the sea are dying, please save them.” Then the TV turned off again. I looked at Taffy, she looked scared. I was scared too, I was scared that one day, all the turtles in the sea would die, and I was even more scared that Noemi would die too.  I said to Taffy, “We must think of a solution.” Then we went to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. The whole night I was thinking about Noemi and other turtles. When it turned 12 o’clock, I finally fell asleep.

All of a sudden, I was on a pirate’s ship! I first saw many spider webs. There were many insects and yucky things, like smelly socks and trash. The whole place smelled like rotten eggs. There was a big wooden treasure box with money and colorful diamonds inside. Then when I was thinking about why I was there. 

A pirate that looked very strong and scary came to me and said, ”What are you doing here? Come and work for the Captain.” 

I quickly said “yes” and when I turned around, I realized that Taffy was gone. So I knew that it was a dream. 

Then I thought “Taffy told me before, if you dream of scary things, you can think of things you like.” The pirates were definitely scary. So I thought of Noemi. The next moment when I opened my eyes, I saw so much trash that I almost threw up. At that moment, I realized that I was in a Turtle’s stomach. I stood up and walked slowly to see all the trash in the turtle’s stomach. I started to get scared for Noemi. Will Noemi die? I saw lots of trash sticking inside the turtle’s body. I thought about Taffy and I eating only trash for our daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I didn’t want to eat that kind of thing! How can a turtle eat trash? I must help.

I woke up and knew that Taffy was next to me “Are you ok?” Taffy said. 

I said “I am ok, I had a dream about a turtle that was eating lots of trash, I think we will need to help them. But how?” We both think for a long time. I think that we can invite our friends and we can go to the sea to clean the ocean, so that the turtle’s won’t die. 

The next day, we invited our friends to go to the sea to clean it. We brought many things to clean, such as plastic bags, gloves and big clips to clean. We picked up the trash, then throw the trash inside the plastic bag. We finished cleaning the beach. “Now, it finally looks clean,” says Taffy. Then I realized, it is terrible for the sea if we throw something plastic. I thought and thought but I still don’t know how I can prevent the turtle from eating plastic. Maybe later, there will be someone throwing the trash and letting the turtle eat plastic things. 

I hadn’t thought of what we could do to stop the turtles from eating the trash, then Taffy ran to me and said “quickly, we will go back to our home.” I quickly ran to the bus and was ready to go home to eat dinner.I really hope that I can help the turtle so that they won’t die. So I went to find my science teacher and told him that I wish there could be a machine to help to fix this problem. She told me, “I can help you to make it, you can come with me to make this too. I said “okay” and went back home. I happily told Taffy this news and then went to relax.

I went to find my Science teacher and knocked on her door. My science teacher says “come in.” I went inside, and I saw that she was helping me make a machine to help the turtles not die.

A moment later, my science teacher introduced a special machine.

“This is a machine called Plastic Vacuum cleaner. First, you can put in the plastic that you don’t want. Then, press the red button that says start. Next, wait for it to say “finish”, when it says finish, the plastic will become water. Last, you can use the water to water the plants, so you won’t waste water.” 

I said “Wow, such a great idea, thank you so much.” Then I went home.  I didn’t know how to thank her. I was happy to have a science teacher like her. She always helps me and other students, she is nice and kind.

When Taffy saw this, she was so amazed that her mouth dropped. “This is the most remarkable invention ever.” I said. Now, I will go to find the plastic that I made before. I put the plastic on the machine one by one, and it turned into a whole bucket of water. I used it to water the flowers. Before now, the flowers were almost dying, but when I watered them, they became alive! I think this is very important to our life, if I give it to others to use, Earth will have more marine animals.

I told my science teacher my idea, she agreed and I sent a letter to the government. The letter looks like this:

Dear government,

I want to help the turtles and other marine animals; here is a machine that helps them. I hope you will let me put this machine in the bay, so when people throw plastic trash in the ocean, the machine will collect it. If there’s trash in the ocean, the turtles won’t eat the trash and die.



I proudly mailed my letter and waited for a response.

The government said it is a great idea and that I could put this machine at the bay. I put it at the bay and made a poster to remind people to throw the trash in the box.

The sea became very clean and organized so the turtle population began to increase. When I got home, I looked at my bed and had a happy dream about the turtle’s dream playground, a place to take your turtles to play…maybe that could be my next project. I had a fun time with Taffy and Noemi. We played until sunrise that ended this happy day.

The End