Mother of Peace

Age 11

“Little Mariah, this is a crystal ball that will change EVERYTHING, please use it for good and not for evil when I pass away honey.”

Little Mariah was young, too young to understand anything her granddad said, so she just nodded and smiled innocently. Her granddad sighed, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to see the world in full peace. Still, knowing that Mariah could see the sight brought a smile to his old, tired face.

He knew that he wouldn’t be here for long, so he realized that he could use his powers freely without breaking any laws. So he decided to change Mariah’s destiny and the crystal will follow her secretly so she will be able to find it someday.

Ten years later Mariah’s granddad passed away and left her devastated. She decided to. finish her granddad’s unfinished dream: to bring world peace.

When she decided to propose the idea of world peace, all of the major countries exposed their selfishness and demanded war to take over. Nether World was Mariah’s grandfather’s property and Mariah inherited it. But the Vanilla World, which is just all the normal countries, wanted to take over the property because of the resources there.

Two days after the meeting, war broke out and it was the worst of all time. The army lost most of its soldiers on the first day! But the leader of the Nether World decided to keep on fighting because he loathed all of the countries. Even though Mariah also didn’t like the other countries, she thought that this is too much and thought that if they keep fighting they’ll lose way more than they’ll receive. So she tried to put an end to it by negotiating with the leader but it was no use because the thought of winning was etched deep in his heart, so deep that it couldn’t be removed unless they win. Mariah also tried to reason with the other leaders which worked as much as it did with their leader meaning it didn’t work AT ALL.

On the third day of the battle, most of the army was wiped out, and corpses were lying all over the battlefield, and injured soldiers were being rushed around by nurses all over the battlefield. It was pure chaos. The president fled the country out of fear and everything was falling apart, even girls were being forced to join the military because of the number of soldiers remaining. Mariah was wandering around the battleship when she saw something reflecting light faintly. At first, she thought that it was a cannonball but on closer inspection, she realized that it was just a dirt ball. Before entering the base, the security asked for her ID which was new because her parents never mentioned ID stuff so she told the security that she doesn’t have an ID. Thankfully the other guard recognized her and let her in. Once she got in, she hopped on her bed and fell asleep thinking about the dirt ball.

Mariah woke up earlier than most of the people there, the only person that was already awake was the general who treated her like a daughter he never had. Whenever she got hurt, he would be the first person to notice and the last person to forget about it. She took out the dirt ball and went to the river to cleanse it.

Once most of the dirt and muck came off, it revealed a crystal ball. The crystal ball felt oddly familiar to Mariah like it was something that belonged to her for decades. When she paid more attention to the crystal ball, she realized that there were words etched into the ball and it read:

Mariah, I know this will get to you, I hope you will be able to complete my mission, world peace.

—Your grandfather.

Mariah was confused at first, but after a while, she remembered the conversation she had. She rushed back to the camp. She cleaned off the remaining dirt with a piece of cloth and then words began to emerge inside the crystal ball, an indistinct voice came out getting louder,” Mariah you have to warn them before it’s too late, I’ll be here when you need me, just call out to me.” She recognized this voice; it was her granddad’s voice. She missed him dearly and her eyes were brimming with tears, hoping that she could see him again even if it was just for a brief second. Like it could read her mind, it said,’’ you have to be strong for me Mariah, you are a powerful girl, don’t lose hope.” She repeated that to herself,” I am a strong girl, and nothing can take me down!” She realized the time and jogged back to camp.

The next day was Christmas and the priests proposed an idea to stop the war to celebrate Christmas but all the leaders refused and kept fighting. On that day, a group of German soldiers came up to the base with two hands up as in surrender. Nether guards checked them for any dangerous weapons. Once they are confirmed harmless, the soldiers of both sides started to chat and gifted each other things like chocolate and cigarettes, and even had a nice game of football! At the end of the day, they knew that they would have to go against their friends and there was no way around it. Mariah realized that this was the sad truth about war and there was no escaping the harsh reality.

At this point, Maria had no clue how to end this war and bring world peace so she called out to the crystal ball for help. Her grandfather suggested she give a peace offering to the other countries, so she told the leader, and the leader agreed, and sent netherite, which can only be found in the Nether world as a peace offering. But most of the major countries took advantage and continued war, but it was better because some of the major countries accepted it and stopped fighting with them.

The war continued, but since some of the major countries left the war, the war wasn’t that bad. But she was desperate, so she went to ask her grandfather for help. And her grandfather suggested they make a trade promise, so every month, they would give the countries something, and the countries would give something in return. So she went to the leader, and told him about the idea, and that’s what they did. Surprisingly, it worked perfectly for them and they signed a peace contract with all of them.

Mariah was proud that she accomplished her grandfather’s biggest dream, to bring world peace. But she didn’t forget about those who sacrificed themselves for their own country; for their home, so she made January 15th as a memorial of all the soldiers who died tragically in the biggest war in history– bigger than world war 1 and world war 2 combined!

Mariah also helped all the children whose parents died in the war to find a new family. She helped restore the Nether World to its former glory.

Mariah will always be remembered as the woman who brought world peace to the whole entire world; the woman who brought everyone together.

Known as The Mother of Peace.