Save Our Earth

Everyone knows driving cars are way easier than walking. But, the truth starts here.

A little girl named Bella is watching the TV, and it was talking about air pollution. Bella said to her pet dog Doggy “This is a very big problem to our Earth. We have to do something.”

A voice from behind says “What are you doing?? It is already 10 o’clock?? You have class tomorrow. Today is Monday. Didn’t I say you can only watch TV for 30 minutes?”

“ Fine, I will turn off my TV. I will turn off my TV, and I will go to bed. Goodnight.” Suddenly, Bella wakes up in a very strange place.

“Help us! Help us!” the sound cried.

“What was that?” Bella says with a puzzled sound.

“Why is there a strange sound here? Let me take a look.” When Bella walks near to the sound., she sees a portal. The portal says, “ Please help. If you want to help, please come to this portal. Thank you!”

“Um… like I know what to do, I want to help the Earth. I will go into the portal.” Then, Bella goes into the portal. “Is this the future of the world?” Bella asks.

“Yes, I want you to do me a favor. Can you help us when you wake us?”


“Wake up Bella. We are going to…”

“I’m not going anywhere mom.”says Bella.

“I want to help our Earth. Mom, can you ask our family to help me make posters? I want to let more people know what the Earth will become.”

“But Your friends are coming!” says mom.

“Mom, can you ask my friends not to come? Or you can tell them to come and help me make the posters. Thank you!” says Bella.So, Bella continues making her posters until she had to go to sleep.

The next day is Monday. Bella is on the school bus, talking to her best friend, Anna.

Bella says, “ You have time? Come to my house when the class is finished. Okay?”

“Okay, so what should I bring??? Coloring paper? Markers?” asks Ann.

Then, the bus stops. Every student on the bus goes to their classroom. 1 hour, two hours, 5 hours…. “ Class time is over. Bye!!!” says the teacher.

“Anna! Follow me. Come to my house!” Cry Bella.

“Okay wait, I’m packing stuff…”When Anna finishes packing her things, Anna and Bella talk about their plan regarding what they will do when they go to Bella’s home. “ What will we do first?” asks Anna.

“So first, we will make posters. About A4 paper’s size. Then, we will decide what we will do. Depends what time we have left. Okay?” responds Bella.

“Sure, I agree.” Then they walk to Bella’s home.

“Welcome to my house,” says Bella.

“WOW!! Your house is amazing!” says Anna. “Quick! We have tons of things to do!!” Bella exclaims. “Okay… Okay… Where is your room??” asks Anna.

“My room is over there. Follow me.”

When they arrive at Bella’s room, they start to make their posters. “So first, we need to draw the sketch of our poster on my computer. Then, we are going to draw them on our computer. And then we will print them out.”So, they continue to make their poster until Bella’s mom calls, “Kids, it is time to eat your dinner!!”

“Okay mom.” They both shout.

“Mom, can Anna stay here tonight??? Because we need to make posters,” asks Bella.

“Okay I will tell Anna’s mom,” says Bella’s mom.

“So, do you want to sleep in our house tonight?” Ask Bella’s mom.

“Yes, I want to stay here. Can I?” asks Anna.

“Yes you may! But I need to tell your mom first.”

Bella’s mom and Anna’s are very good friends, so every time Bella and Anna have time, they will go to Bella’s house or Anna’s house. “Mom, we are full. Can we go up the stairs and make our posters?” Ask Bella.

“Yes you may. As long as Anna is full and then you can go up stairs. And you also have to wait for Anna. Okay?” says mom

“No problem!”

When Anna is done eating her dinner, they go back and work on their posters until 10:00p.m. “Hey, I’m a bit tired. Shall we stop here and go to sleep because tomorrow we still have to go to school.” says Anna.

“Okay, I agree. But we need to clean up first. Then we also need to take a bath, and then we can go to sleep.” So both girls take their bath and brush their teeth.

“So, Anna. you will sleep here tonight because my aunt is living here for a while. Is that Okay? Or you can sleep on my bed and I will sleep on your bed.” says Bella.

“That is fine. I can sleep here!! I always sleep like this on the ground!” And then they went to sleep until tomorrow morning.

“Wake up girls! It is time to get up!! You need to go to school!!” Said Bella’s mom.

“Okay mom, we will wake up in a second. Just give me and Anna some time. Okey?” Ask Bella.

“Fine. As long as your guys are not late for the bus or the school, I will let you do whatever you want” When Bella’s mom finishes talking, she goes downstairs and makes breakfast for Bella and Anna.

“Good Morning girls. Anna, do you have a good night? Are you tired now?” Ask Bella’s mom.

“I am very good. I have a lot of energy,” says Anna. Anna and Bella are eating breakfast.

“Mom, me and Anna are both full, and the bus is almost coming. Can we go to the bus station and wait for the bus? We can also talk about our plans in the bus station.” Says Bella. So, off they go, they went to the bus station.

“This is the place where I wait for the bus to come. Ok, so let’s talk about our environmental plan.”

A little girl with a ponytail with big glasses came to Bella, and said, “ Hi my name is Emma. I heard that you are talking about a plan. What is the plan about?”

“Oh! We are talking about how we can save our Earth from air pollution!” Said Bella.

“WOW! That is very cool! Can I help you? I always want to help the earth but no one wants to help me…” says Emma sadly.

Then, the bus came to the bus station. “Quick! Come on the bus and then let’s talk more about our plan.” says Bella.

“Let’s sit in the last row since we have three people.” Said Emma.

So, they go to the last row and talk about their plan. “ Emma, will your mom let you sleep in another friend’s house?”asks Bella.

“Yes, but you need to be good at other friends’ houses. And mom also tells me when I went to go to another friends’ house to sleep, that I need to use my phone to text her,” says Emma.

“Okay. Can you text your mom, because I want you to come to my house and help us make posters,” says Bella.

“Ya! Like I just went to Bella’s house. Oh, by the way, my name is Anna. Nice to meet you!” says Anna. When the three girls arrive at the school, they have class at 4:00. “Class time is over. Have a nice weekend!”says Bella’s homeroom teacher.

“Bella, let’s go find Emma!” says Anna. Then they took a bus and went to Bella’s house.

“Hi mom. I brought my new friend Emma here!!” Said Bella.

“Well, nice to meet you! I am Bella’s mom. Welcome to our house. Are you making posters?”

“Yes” the three girls answer at the same time.

“Okay, when you need any help, you can call me. Ok, so girls can go to work and I will make your dinner.”

“Okay mom. Okay, Emma, this is a giant house. So you need to follow me Okay?” says Bella.

“Okay,” says Emma. So Emma and Anna follow Bella to Bella’s room. “Welcome to my room. Okay, come in, come in, sit down. Okay. Who has a suggestion of how we can save our Earth?” asks Bella

“I have an idea. We can ask people to donate money to save our Earth!” says Emma. “But what if the people don’t care and say no?” asks Anna.

“We can say if you don’t want to live, you don’t need to help!” says Emma. “That is a very good idea!” Anna and Bella both exclaim. So, Emma, Bella, and Anna start to make the donation box.

“Hi girls. What have you done?” asks Bella’s mom.

“Mom! We made a donation box!” says Bella.

“What is the donation box for?” asks Bella’s mom.

“We are going to ask people to donate money!” says Emma.

“Okay, Okay. Let’s eat dinner, girls.”

And those three girls ate the dinner very fast and went to Bella’s room and kept making their donation box.

“It is time to sleep.” Says Bella.

“But we haven’t finished the donation box!” Emma says.

“That is okay. We still have tomorrow.” says Anna in a soft voice. So, Anna, Bella, and Emma started to clean up. When they finish cleaning up, it’s 10:00p.m. After cleaning, they took a bath. “Um.. Bella, where can I sleep?” asks Emma.

“Oh, you can sleep with Anna on the big bed, and I can sleep on the floor,” says Bella. So, the three girls sleep until the morning.

This time, Bella doesn’t wake up in her room, she wakes up in the place where she meets the portal. “I saw you helping the Earth. And you tried very hard. When you wake up, you can go to the street and ask people to donate money. When you finish donating money, give it to the store where it reads, Save Our Earth. Then, you finish your job. You will also receive a gift. but I won’t tell you now. You will know when you receive the gift.”

When the portal finished speaking, Bella woke up in her room again. “Emma, Anna, it is time to wake up!” Said Bella.

So Emma and Anna wake up, they brush their teeth. “So, have you got any plans?” asks Anna

“I have some really good plans. So what we are going to do is first finish the donation box. And we need to ask people to donate money. When we finish asking people to donate money, we need to take the donation box with the money to a store called “Save Our Earth. Then, we finish the job. We will also receive a gift but I don’t know what we will get,” Says Bella. So, the three girls finish their breakfast in no time. And they start to ask people to donate money.”

After 5 hours of donating money, they got $100,000 dollars! The people in the town also saw their effort, so the people in the town also tried to help Bella, Anna, and Emma. So, three girls ran to the store in no time. The clerk said “I wonder when I will see you, Ms. Bella. I see you brought the donation box with lots of money. If you want to help the Earth, then give me the money. If you don’t, then you won’t receive the gift.”

So Bella gave the donation box to the clerk. Then, they receive a gift. The clerk said “ You three receive a ticket that you can travel around the world for free!”

“YA!” these three girls shout.

The next day, Bella, Enmma, and Anna pack their things for their trip around the world. And then they set off. What a great gift!