Save the World

Illustration of a child drawing a picture of the White House, while a cat watches
Illustration by Commando Jugendstil

Age 7

I am a cat sleeping in the warm sunlight, enjoying the breeze. Boom! I hear the sound of bombs. Boom! Boom! I run and run until I see the most horrible sight anyone has ever seen.

There are tanks, military helicopters and soldiers holding guns.

I suddenly feel someone pick me up. I look up to see a young girl. She takes me into her arms and runs as fast as she can.

“We need to stop this war! It is going to destroy Earth,” she says.

Finally, we reach her house. She goes into her room to form a plan. She has to speak with the president somehow. She has to call him but there’s no internet. So she tells me that we need to go to the White House on foot. She has to tell the president to calm down and stop this war.

We avoid danger and make it to the White House. But, as we walk up the stairs, a security dude stops us.

“Whoa! Little dude! Where the heck do you think you’re going?” He asks me.

“I’m just going to tell the president to stop the war, big guy,” says the girl.

At first, the security dude thinks it’s not a good idea but the girl persuades him. The security dude finally says, “Okay.” The security dude and the girl lock eyes for a moment.

“Awkward,” she whispers.

So, we get let into the president’s office.

“What brings you here?” asks the president.

“You need to talk to the other president,” says the girl.

“Why so?” asks the president.

“To stop the war of course,” the girl answers.

“Oh, I already did that,” responds the president.

“So, I didn’t even need to come here?” the girl asks.

“Nope. Well, anyways…thank you for caring about the world. The world could have exploded into one million bits today!”

“I thought that was going to happen,” says the girl. The girl says goodbye and leaves. At least the world is safe now!