Taking Care of Endangered Leopards

Age 10

One day, as I am walking by a farm, I see a very big and beautiful grassland. There are more than 63,833 chickens. So I can go to the farm and eat chicken everyday for breakfast. Today, I am doing the same thing as every day when I wake up. I am very hungry, so I jump into the farm and eat the chickens. It tastes so yummy and good!

Something feels different about my breakfast today. I look behind me to see a farmer trying to trap me. I run far into the forest as fast as I can. I rest in the forest.

On the next day, the farmer is trying to find me. I walk back to my home, but they find me, because their chickens have been eaten. So the farmer is trying to chase me. Finally, I’m tired so I run very slowly. Next, I jump very high on the tree, so they can’t catch me. I see an eagle; the eagle uses his claws to take me on a flight across the sky. I later jump down from the tree. The farmer can’t catch me. I laugh at the farmer and go back to the farm to eat my chicken, and the eagle became my friend.

Leopard Cats are loved by many people. We eat mice, insects, birds and chickens. We live in grasslands and forests. We have round ears and white spots, there are also spots all over our bodies. We love to live alone.

Even though Leopard Cats are loved by people, we are becoming extinct because of traps and deforestation. It is getting harder and harder to find food so we need to seek out more farms with chickens to eat. This makes the farmers angry.

We are endangered animals in Taiwan, what happens if leopards are extinct? More mice will be in our environment, there will be more diseases brought by mice, people will need more chemical things to kill mice, chemical things will float in the air, causing more animals to die because of the chemicals. So we need to be more careful to not cause accidents and threats. Help us find food! Let us live so we won’t become extinct. Give us a good place to live!