The Beach Clean Up

Age 8

One day, my mom tells me a story about a beach covered in trash. I started to think about it and thought maybe there are some people who aren’t very nice. I think I need to help clean the beach.

My mom says, “You can go pick up trash at the beach.”

I thought that was a good idea. I told my mom that I would good tomorrow since I didn’t have class that day. My mom said I could go.

My mom and I went to the beach together. “Okay, here is the beach,” she said.

“Wow, there is a lot of trash,” I said.

I started to pick up all the trash on the beach. First, we picked up paper. There was a lot of paper in the sand. Then, we picked up cans. There were lots of cans too. Last, we picked up plastic. There were more than 30 plastic bags at the beach.

After we finished picking up all the trash, we went home. I think mom will think I’m a very good person. After we picked up the trash, I saw many animals coming back to the beach. I think it’s because I cleaned the beach for them so now they feel safe. There were three kinds of trash: plastic, cans and paper. Next time, maybe you can pick up trash at the beach with me too! Always remember to keep the beaches clean!