The Black Forest

Age 10

Nowadays, we see a lot of people polluting the environment. The environmental problem has become bigger and bigger. The plastic problem is also a big problem for the environment. Now, I am going to tell you an environmental story.

A long, long time ago, there was a girl called Mini, and Mini liked to play around in the forest. One day, Mini was playing with her friend, Lili. They were both born in the same year on the same day, so many people called them twins. They liked to walk through a forest called The Black Forest.

The Black Forest is full of trees and flowers. The flowers smell sweet. The trees smell natural. Mini could smell birds; she thought the birds didn’t take a bath before, so they smelled stinky, But why is it called The Black Forest? Let’s find out!

Once the twins were walking through the forest, and they felt a little bit tired, so they decided to take a break. The next day, they woke up. The twins walked and sang, they saw many kinds of butterflies, they chased the butterflies and they arrived at The Black River.

In The Black River, they played hide and seek, but Mini couldn’t find Lili, and Mini felt a little thirsty, so she drank the water from The Black River. One hour later, Mini’s stomach started to hurt a lot and she fainted. When Lili found out, Lili was thinking why Mini had fainted. Finally, she knew that Mini drank the water from The Black River, and Lili saw that the water was full of dirty things. The leaves were black, the water was dark. She couldn’t even see any animals in the water, but lots of mud and sticks.

Some scientists came to examine the water and they discovered that the water had been contaminated. They tested the water and they found that the water had poison inside. The scientists thought the poison was from the poisoned frog or people‘s pollution causes the water to be poisoned. The poisoned snake bit the frog, and the frog turned into poison. The frog lived in The Black River and the frog spread the poison throughout the pond, so Mini drank the water and fainted.

This story tells us that cleaning water is very important. In my opinion, I think plastic may be another reason why Mini fainted. Plastic has bad things for the environment. Among them, the chemical composition can cause toxicity. Chemicals are not just bad for the environment, it also affects our health. It will make our body feel dizzy, and it can also stop our heart beat.

Now, we are going to clean our oceans and save our drinking water. If one day, we can have lots of clean water, we don’t need to care about anything. Air pollution can cause the air to be dirty, and when it’s raining, the rain will be dirty. When the rain goes into the ocean, and we drink it, it will be full of toxins!

Can you imagine that happening in our life? What might happen if we don’t have clean drinking water? I hope we never need to find out.