The Last Vaquitas

Age 10

I’m swimming in the deep, blue ocean. I feel alone because I haven’t seen any other vaquitas for a very long time. All of this is because of illegal fishing. The fishermen keep fishing us and we are almost extinct now. There are only around 10 of us left in the world! This is also because of the pollution and spread of diseases. Just like right now, I see a ton of trash right in front of me. I also see people throwing plastic bottles in the ocean right now.

So here I am, a vaquita trying to survive in the world. I have a gray body and a fin. I can swim very fast. No, I am endangered because of humans. People need to stop throwing trash into the sea because they are killing animals. When the fish eats trash, it affects us too. When we eat the fish filled with trash, the trash also goes inside of our bodies.

There are over 7000 species of animals that are endangered in the world. One reason that they are endangered is because of poachers. Poachers want to sell animals to make more products for humans. This will put more animals on the endangered list. Humans, stop poaching! We need to work together. We need to set rules for poachers and fishermen. Please, save all of the vaquitas. Help bring our population from 10 to 100. Help us build homes and keep a clean habitat. All of the vaquitas need your help! Thank you!