The Trash Cans

Age 7

I see trash cans flying in the sky. They can walk, laugh and collect trash in the air. They can turn into very small bins. They can eat plastic, paper, cans, shoes and books.

The trash cans can fly very fast. If they eat crayons, they will be very angry. They don’t like crayons! If they eat erasers, they eat erasers, they will be very happy. They like erasers! If they run too fast, the weather will become terrible.

They have sharp teeth and strong hands. They have strong legs. They have round eyes and they catch anything. They like to catch shoes and step on them very hard. When they are hungry, they like to eat good food. When they play, they grow into bigger trash cans. They like to play ball, hide and seek, and flying games. They help us by eating all the trash in the world.