Wolves in Yellowstone

Age 9

Today I see many people holding a sign that reads Wolves don’t belong in Yellowstone.

“What are you doing?” I ask. “Wolves are good!”

The man holding the sign put it down. “Wolves are not good! They kill ranchers and farmers’ livestock. If we don’t kick the wolves out of Yellowstone, we won’t have any meat to eat!”

I was so shocked. I felt that I needed to save the wolves in Yellowstone. Somehow, I needed to let people know that wolves are not bad.

I went to a scientist and asked him to help me save the wolves. The scientist said, “the protestors said that the wolves are dangerous so they won’t like us if we say they’re not.”

I felt like nobody was listening to me. I was feeling sad when a stranger approached me. He whispered that he would help me save the wolves. He said he also wanted to do that. He said he was a hotel boss and his hotel was in Yellowstone. He said that people didn’t want to come to his hotel anymore because they are scared of the wolves. He didn’t want to hurt the wolves but he wanted to solve the problem. So I said, “we can have telescopes at your hotel so people can watch them at Yellowstone from far away. Then, they will understand that they aren’t dangerous.”

The man agreed and we really did it. One year later, the hotel became famous for watching the Yellowstone wolves. Now, people believe that the wolves are good. Now, I’m a big scientist too!