Mily's Adventure of Future Houses

Once there was a girl called Mily. She was a very kind child; she cared about the Earth a lot. She knew that the earth was turning warm because people kept cutting down trees and there will be no trees to give us clean oxygen.

One day, when she was walking on the street, she saw a small, weird creature passing through her and left a pretty gazing ball in front of her. The creature didn’t say anything, it just looked at her and ran away. Mily did not know what to do so she brought the ball home to examine. She thought that the creature gave her the crystal ball for a reason, so she stared at the crystal ball for a long time.

After a few minutes she saw a picture slowly appearing on the clear, crystall ball. In the ball, there were many houses floating in the air. She looked at it for a moment and she noticed that it was the future houses, then she heard a calming voice. The voice said: “Welcome to the future world, I am your guide Claire, if you have any questions you can let me know.”

Then a white light shone in the room, a purple swirl appeared in front of her and sucked her in. When the light faded, she saw different shapes of pretty green buildings floating in the air, people standing on special things moving toward their own houses. Later, Claire’s voice appeared again, “These are the amazing future houses, now let me introduce them to you!”

Claire started to introduce the house. “First, this house uses solar and wind energy for power which is very environmentally friendly for the Environment. Second, these houses float in the air, so that it will not use too much space, and you don’t need to cut down so many trees for places to build buildings.”

“But how do they go up there?”Mily interrupted again.

“Oh ya, I forgot to introduce it, as you can see, there are many special elevators floating around houses. They are like elevators that move, but they don’t need cables to hold them up and they can move anywhere you want. It only works when its owner is on it. The owners only need to say where they want to go and the elevators take them there.”Claire explained. “Then how will the owner of the elevator call them to come, and where will the magic elevator be when there are owners on them?” Mily asked a lot of questions, she was very interested in the cool elevator.

“Hmmm… … about your first question, the elevator comes to their owners when the owners call their name or presses the button on their phone. And about your second question, the elevator has parking spaces just like the cars in your home.”

“Wow, so cool! I want to have that elevator too!”

“No problem. You can have a ride later, but first you need to put on these special glasses so you can see me” When Claire finished explaining, a strong light filled the air. Mily could barely see a magic glass appeared in front of her, when the light faded, she saw a glowing glass. The lenses in the rainbow colored and frame of the glass kept changing different colors.


After a while, Mily put on the glass and she saw a cute penguin beside her. She realized that the penguin was Claire. “Follow me.” she said. And she shouted out loud, “ Pingy!!!!!” Then an elevator appeared, she called Mily up and they floated high into the sky.“Oh, what did I just say?” Claire asked.

“The third feature,” Mily answered.

After that Claire kept explaining. “These houses are very convenient, you don’t need keys to open the door, you only need your face ID, so you don’t need to worry about losing your keys, and also it is safer, people won’t steal your keys.”

“But although it is in the air, the houses still use spaces!”Mily said.

“Yes I know, these houses look small outside, however they are very big inside!” Claire reapplied.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that the houses have a very cool function, the houses can set different temperatures, but they don’t need to use up energy from air conditioners. They can also maintain different plants from different places. For example, cacti live in hot deserts, so we can turn the temperature to very high. Besides, this function is not only for changing the planet’s temperature, it can also change temperature for animals like penguins who live in Antarctica, and thus animals that are almost extinct because of the weather could live there and be saved.”

“Wow, that’s a very cool and useful power!! It can save many endangered animals and make the world better for them to live.” Mily said with a smile.

“Ah I have a very important question, what is the power of these cool floating houses?” Mily asked.

“The power source of this houses’ function is solar and wind energy. The house will turn them into power like a rocket, which lets it float in the air.”

“Wow, so cool! I wish I had one floating house too!” Mily said.

“You can have one when someone invents it in your time.“

“Beep Beep Beep!” A sound comes from Claire’s necklace. “What’s that sound?” Mily asked.

“Oh! My time is up!”

“What do you mean?”

“We have only an hour to introduce these amazing things to you, it is time for you to go back to your time period. I am so happy to see you. I hope you can make the Earth better when you go back. Bye~”


After Claire finished talking, a white light shined and a purple swirl appeared in front of her and sucked her in just like how she came to visit the future. When the light faded, she saw herself in the room. She was confused. She looked at the clock, it was 5:00 just like the time she went there. She didn’t know whether Claire the magic penguin and the future houses were real or are fake. But she knew that there was a reason why they appeared, so she decided to make Earth better and healthier.

After a year of researching and knowing more about the world’s problems, she went everywhere on Earth to give speeches. She told many people to stop cutting down the poor trees because they needed to build buildings on it or wanted to use them for making things. If there are no trees left, the air on Earth will not be clean and creatures will die. Many people have been affected by her, when she grew up she began to invent and find a way to make the Earth better. And of course she kept the magic gazing ball that made her become famous.

The End