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Dylan Cooler

by Dylan Liu, age 9. Taipei, Taiwan.

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Illustration by Hal Hefner.

I’m Dylan, the greatest inventor of all time. One of my greatest Inventions is a giant water-powered air conditioner with a global warming detector, I named it- Dylan Cooler! So why did I invent this machine?

I genuinely love animals, especially polar bears. They live in the North Pole where there is a lot of ice. They need this ice to feed, rest and raise families. However the ice is melting because of global warming. People use cars, planes and factories which create a lot of extra CO2. On top of that, people eat a lot of beef which requires farmers to raise cows. These cows release methane gas when they eat. Too much CO2 and methane in the air acts like a blanket and traps the heat, making the earth hotter, which melts the ice in the North Pole.

It breaks my heart to see the polar bears suffer when too much ice has melted and they have no choice but to keep swimming, because they have no place to rest. So what could we do to help them? I couldn’t ask everyone to stop driving or flying and to stop eating beef. I couldn’t ask factories to close because we still need their products.

So that’s why I invented this giant air conditioner. The Dylan Cooler gets its power from an underwater turbine powered by sea currents. I put it in the Arctic. Global warming causes temperatures to rise which melts the ice which makes the sea level rise. The detector will notice the sea level rising which means that the temperatures are going up. The Dylan Cooler will then turn on automatically so more of the water will be frozen into ice, giving polar bears more places to live. When temperatures are back to normal, the Dylan Cooler will turn off.

So what’s next for me? I chose to help the polar bears in the North Pole first, because the ice in the Arctic is melting faster than the ice in Antarctica, and the reason is that the Arctic is in the middle of the ocean, so the ice can float around. Eventually, the ice will float to a place where the water is warmer, which will cause the ice to melt. On the other hand, what makes the Antarctica melt slower is that the Antarctica is surrounded by a bunch of islands, so the ice won’t float to places that have warmer water. In fact, the ice will stack on each other sometimes, so the ice will be thicker. Even so, the penguins in the South Pole seem to have similar problems as the polar bears did . They also need ice to rest, feed and raise families, Global warming is causing their ice to melt as well. So that’s why my next step is to help the penguins, I am going to send another Dylan Cooler to the Antarctica! In the future, the polar bears and penguins will live happily ever after, and all because of me. That’s all folks!