The Happy Wolf

Illustration by Good Wives and Warriors.

My name is Axel. I like being a wolf because I have a lovely forest with Evergreen trees. Like Christmas trees. And it is very cold because I am in the Arctic. I like the Evergreen trees because they keep us healthy.

Now that we’re not being hunted we get to run around and be more safe. The snow is thick and white and it feels rough. We get to play games. My best friend’s name is Alex and she is a penguin. We play tag together. Sometimes Alex wins and sometimes I win.

One day me and Alex asked my dad if we could go to the North Pole and see if they have any kinds of trees like ours. He said yes, but we need a special airplane. But then when we were about to go we saw an ocean that had a whale and we asked if we could go on it to travel to the North Pole.

So we traveled through stormy seas and huge whirlpools and we finally got to the land and we wanted to see some trees that looked like ours. But there was a snowstorm and it covered all the trees and it looked like a mountain of snow. We felt happy because we have all this thick white snow to make snow angels and snowballs. And then we found a map that showed us where to find the trees. We were in the wrong spot!

The map told us to run from east to west and when we stopped we started digging and finally found the trees and then we told all the animals in the Arctic to come to the North Pole riding six whales from the ocean. Then all the kids played and the grown ups talked together and then had a party.

There was a lot of cookies and cupcakes and mince pies. There was music and balloons with confetti. There were a lot of grey clouds filled with snow. We all felt excited because we were going to play musical chairs with 94 chairs. Because there were 95 animals.

The End.